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Our mission at S.T.A.R.S. is to empower youth in need of overcoming traumatic histories

by developing safety and stabilization, resiliency and independent living skills.


Our vision is to cultivate a community of supports where youth feel respected, cared for, and have access to every opportunity that allows them to realize their full potential.



  • Safety and Resilience – we are committed to fostering the belief that every individual can heal and recover from trauma. We support individuals in developing resiliency by providing:

    • Physical and psychological safety

    • Services that promote trustworthiness and transparency

    • Trauma education and skill building


  • Dignity and Respect – we are committed to recognizing, respecting, supporting, and protecting the dignity rights of individuals by providing:

    • Individualized service plans

    • Least-restrictive therapeutic interventions consistent with an individual’s need for services and safety

    • Services that are sensitive and responsive to cultural, historical and gender issues

  • Meaningful Engagement – we committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and mutuality, where healing happens in relationships and in the meaningful sharing of power and decision-making. We encourage partnership and therapeutic investment by providing:

    • Support to individuals in cultivating self-advocacy skills

    • Workforce development for staff that is organized to foster empowerment

    • Support to families and other key caregivers to foster active participation in their youth’s treatment

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